ETN is a family-owned business following a long-standing jewelry design and marketing tradition. Mother and daughter run the business: they have refined the brand over the years and honed the skills that have brought them success today. (Some girl power!)
Founders Faidide and Carolina have developed a business project that embodies their passion for both fashion and jewelry. The project brings together elements from the two countries that they call home: Colombia and Costa Rica.

While the project remained strong throughout the past decade, it experienced transformations that culminated in its current model: an ethical brand that embodies the cool, cheerful, and spontaneous essence of Latin American culture. The heart of ETN is the creation of a fun, somewhat eccentric, carefree universe.

ETN is the magical, dazzling product of an extraordinary combination–as is Latin America. It is the Marvelous Real in the form of jewelry.


"Our goal is to elevate Latin America's everyday motifs by creating distinctive, enthusiastic-yet-simple pieces–perfect for the everyday look.”


ETN is run essentially by women. It is #womenowned. All processes are led by women: from the creative stage to production. In fact, over 90% of business partners are companies led and managed by women.

From ETN With Love – A Love-Filled Process

The brand strives to be fully sustainable, minding the environmental impact in every step. We work with small production runs in an effort to ensure sustainability. On average, we launch two or three collections a year, stepping away from the fast fashion industry and aiming to join the slow fashion movement, particularly in the jewelry sector.

ETN carries out a zero-waste production process. In other words, all inputs are reused and repurposed.

We use pewter and bronze as base materials for all pieces, which are 24k gold-plated, polished and finished by hand, and have a sealing, protective coating applied by using electric current. Some pieces combine gemstones, while others feature different materials.

For packaging we prioritize the use of recycled products and implement biodegradable, recyclable solutions.

At ETN, we are committed to the people and companies around us. We are committed to Latin America. We prefer partnering with local start-ups, for processes ranging from manufacturing, supply of raw materials, to packaging services.

ETN’s Check List

Fair Trade
Zero-waste production
Reusable bags
Handmade products
Local supporting local

Materials and local production

The raw materials used in the brand is 100% of Latin American origin. From the pieces to the packaging. Also using local companies for the production of bags, labels and other necessary complements.

All our pieces are polished and finished by hand, we use pewter and bronze with a double coat of 24 carat gold and a sealer that protects de piece. In some designs we used natural stones and other materials.